Listing Ended Gen 1 for sale

Discussion in 'eBay Links' started by hedleyf, Thursday 19th Sep, 2013.

  1. hedleyf Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Someone needs to save this car, on sale EBay silver saloon 5 speed, :Smile:
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    England CJ Leeds
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    This saloon is advertised as possibly spares, just got me wondering on the practicality of swapping all the major parts into a good three door body,some really good examples of left hand drives have come up this would give a top notch body and then using a right hand drive donor car swap over the parts to convert it ,anyone got any idea if the body's are compatible to swap from LHD to RHD .? This car would be good as its a low mileage 5 speed and has that brilliant power steering, I suppose one of the concerns would be the interior colors esp as the dashboards and suchlike had some strange colors, food for thought though as there seems to be some good cars in the States and at a good price,even recently a nice restored LHD one in Netherlands .