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    I've just read in the Economist magazine, that the number of young people in the world without a job is nearly as large as the population of America (311m).

    My daughter is due to qualify in June as a Social Worker. When she started her course 3 years ago, 100% of the qualifying students got jobs, now there are no jobs to be had. How do you keep them motivated?
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    It's difficult to stay motivated what with the string of useless, self serving governments we've had. They just don't seem to listen to the regular working man on the street which is very wrong as he is the one contributing the most, certainly not the big corporations.

    If we are talking about public sector jobs then she can only hope that labour get back in. But it's goodbye forever what remaining shadow of Britain if that happens. I would focus on private sector if possible. :Smile:
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    Lets hope to god Labour never get back in
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