Sold Genuine front passanger Fog Light

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    NOW SOLD Thanks

    My Accord has gone and I have this fog light which I ordered back when the guys had the open day at Holdcroft.

    I bought as my light was not working Honda (Northampton) had told me the light was stuffed and needed replacement. I bought this but on removal it was only the screws which had rusted to nothing and with a little effort I got them out and replaced them with new ones and fitted a new bulb and all was perfect again!

    So this is going begging. Cost me £125 (I think) no longer have the invoice sorry.

    As can see its for a DIESEL sorry CJ I know thats a swear word.. :Smile:

    If you need one for your DIESEL Accord PM me asking price is £50 includes UK postage so big saving and no risk of getting a duffer from eBay, its doing no good sitting in my parts bin.. Needs a good home.

    aCCORD Picture 031. Picture 033.

    oops no idea how I uploaded the alloy... Sorry they went with the car :Whistle:
    Picture 003.
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