In-Depth Genuine Honda Fluids and Lubricants

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    I hope this blog can be a guide or reference to all Honda owners and are able to choose the quality fluids and lubricants for their beloved Honda's. My faith in these products is blind I have used them for over 18 years and they have never ever disappointed. A Honda R&D man once told me if you buy a Honda genuine lubricant and fluid you can be rest assured that product has undergone so many test which are more stringent than any the standard industry practices. In his word own word “if it’s got the Honda name on it trust it” I can vividly recall that conversation in 1998 over a cup of coffee and is still fresh in my memory.

    1) ATF-Z1 Honda Part Number 08266-9990-2HE Only for Automatic Transmission
    All Automatic Transmissions and Honda MDX/ Honda Legend rear differential.
    Not to be used for CVT & i-Shift

    Available in one litre tub 0826699902HE & 0826699905HE four litres tub.

    2)ATF-DW1 Honda Part Number 08268-999-01HE Only for Automatic Transmission after 2012
    Replacing ATF-Z1 with ATF-DW1 in older models may result in different shift feeling in cold temperatures. If a you see an issue replace ATF-DW1 with ATF-Z1.

    For use in 2012 onwards Accord, 2012 onwards Civic 5d ,Can also be used on all models that use ATF-Z1.
    Available in one litre tub 08268-999-01HE
    3) CVT-F Honda Part Number 0826099905HE For all CVT Transmissions Only

    Available only in four litre tub.

    4) MTF-3 Honda Part Number 0826799902HE For all Manual Transmissions and i-shift

    Available in one litre tubs and bulk in excess of 25 litres ( Honda Dealers only)

    5) DPSF-II Honda Part Number 0829399902HE For 4WD Dual Pump System (Honda CR-V & Honda HR-V)

    Available in one litre tubs.

    6) Hypoid Gear OilGL4 or GL5 Honda Part Number 08294-P9901HE Honda For S2000 rear differential Honda MDX and Honda Pilot transfer assembly

    Available in one litre tubs.
    7) VTM-4F Honda Part Number 082009003HE Only for Honda Pilot rear differential oil.

    Available in 1 US Gallon (3.78 L)

    8) PSF-S Honda Part Number 0828499902HE For all Hydraulic Power Steering

    Available in one litre tub 0828499902HE & 0828499904 four litres tub.

    9) BF Honda Part Number 0820399932HE Ultra DOT4 Brake Fluid.

    Available in 250ml bottles.

    10) Honda all Season anti-freeze/coolant type 2 Honda Part Number 08CLA-G01-8L0

    All Honda Models Do not mix with other coolants !!
    Available in 5 litre tubs
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    Thanks Ichiban, you really have blinded me with science, I am still confused, can I still buy ATF-Z1 as Honda says it the correct fluid to use, if not what is the replacement fluid from Honda and also what amount is correct for fluid change....I do appreciate your help..Thomas