Facelift Model German road test of CR-V (in perfect English!)

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    Interesting that he hasn't found, in his copy of War and Peace, the bit about memorising the driver's seat position. And I chuckled at the way he tried to sit in the centre rear seat with the headrest sticking into his neck.
    He hasn't worked out that the fastest way to reset the Cruise Control to a higher speed is to Cancel and Set once one has reached the the new target speed. And he thinks (to be fair, I thought so too, until I re-read the manual), that the "S" on the automatic box stands for "Sport" rather than for "Sequential".

    Still, I should be very happy if I spoke German the way he speaks English.
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    A very useful review I thought.
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    I liked the indepth review and the fact that he actually tested and spoke about all the nitty gritty and didn't dismiss it right away.. unlike this shambolic video by HonestJohn.. If he can't remember CR-V's name which has been around since late 90s he cannot be an auto reviewer.. it wasn't funny. secondly CR-V is not a crossover.. its an SUV
    Nissan Joke is a crossover
    Renault Kaput is a crossover

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