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    This is kind of like a tale of two cities (almost - Chesterfield is a town...).

    Although Gilder are one name now I've found the two to be quite different in terms of customer service and quality of service.

    A bit of History. Although they now have the same name, the two were formerly part of other groups and have retained much of the same staff. Gilder Sheffield were formerly Peter Brooks Honda. Gilder Chesterfield were formerly Gordon Lamb Honda. The Gilder Group (known more for VAG) bought both. Gilder subsequently then sold their VAG operations to JCT600 and held onto the Honda dealerships.

    Over the past 4 years I've used both for servicing and repairs. When I bought my care it was relatively high mileage so the SvRS system sometimes follows a funny pattern, hence I high number of visits. I have used both for tyre fitting too.

    I first used Gilder Sheffield when it was still called Peter Brooks in 2011. I first used Gilder Chesterfield perhaps 2-3 years ago. As I should make clear, I haven't used Gilder Sheffield within the past year or two, for reasons that shall become clear.

    The service I have received from Gilder Sheffield has been, shall we say, variable. On occasion they have provided good service but a bunch of errors and omissions caused me to lose confidence in them.

    To summarise:
    - I specified 0w20 for an oil change. The invoice camb back with 5w30 listed. I emailed the service manager to complain but received no response within a week. Subsequently I looked up contact details (it turned out these belonged to a director) and emailed again. Afterwards the oil was changed again free of charge.
    - When the car was serviced sometimes it would be washed and vacumed, sometimes not.
    - On one occasion when I collected the car the service book wasn't stamped.
    - On one occasion when I collected the car the SvRS code had not been reset.
    - On another occasion I found the B (inspection) SvRS code had been reset prematurely without the dealer stating that a B service had had taken place or the book being stamped (they did provide an inspection sheet). I didn't really understand the SvRS frequencies at the time and I only realised this later when the B code popped up exacly a year after its previous visit to Gilder Sheffield.
    - On taking the car for a software update and work to remedy suspension noise under warranty I received no paperwork. I could tell that it had been done because the car's driving behaviour was much improved and the noise significantly improved (I was dold that the subframe bolts had been cleaned out).
    - Tyres fitted and wheel balancing carried out. I noticed a slight wobble in the steering wheel at motorway speeds and took it back to get them to fix it. The steering wheel still wobbled when I got the car back. Eventually I gave up and took it to ATS Euromaster, Chesterfield who sorted it out. The Sheffield dealer had basically failed to balance the wheels correctly.

    As a result of the above I rather lost confidence in them and found myself immediately going to check ther work - accesing filters and checking oil ET. Oil and filters were clean but I wasn't happy at the seemingly haphazard approach.

    Not expecting that much better (given the same name) I took the car to Gilders Chesterfield for an oil change. I had specified 0w20 and the service advisor contacted me during the day to telll me about Honda's recommendation for Green Oil (Hybrid) and whether I would like that instead , to which I agreed.

    Impressed with their attention to detail, I returned to Gilder Chesterfield. I have now been there on 7 separate occasions. Each time everything has been carried out in accordance with my expectations. The car has always been washed and vacumed and they found two minor problems during inspections that I had not asked them to investigate (a sticking rear brake caliper and a leaking shock adsorber). Repair costs have been reasonable (on one occasion they price matched another dealer I rang for a quote) and after the brake caliper work I noted a consistent rise of about 3-4 MPG ,plus reduced noise at low speeds so I am happy the work improved things. The only thing that's been anything other than perfect is slightly lower than specified tyre pressures, checked the day after serviceing but that could be easily attibuted to them checking when tyres were slightly warm (and I can't be certain that my pump is really that accurate anyway). All in all I would highly recommend Gilder Chesterfield.
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    Always good to hear about good service! Thanks for posting, hopefully useful for members in the Chesterfield and Sheffield areas.
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    That's great feedback, thanks @Uriel
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    This is the type of information we need.
    Sheffield need to get back into gear or loose the franchise.
    Chesterfield are proof that it can be done correctly. Well done to them.
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    Another visit to Gilder Honda Chesterfield today. I was in for CVT fluid and pollen filter change at just short of 60,000 miles.

    They rang during the afternoon to say that during the inspection they'd found that the front brake pads were down to 2mm and they would recommend changing them. It's been a while since I looked at the pads but I agreed, as the work they've previously recommended has always been worthwhile.

    Much to my surprise I then noticed an email in my inbox. Rather than the free safety inspection just being a tick box exercise they had produced a video. This had a commentary from the technician carrying out the inspection, with his commentary on recommendations. It included a close of up him measuring the brake pads, which did indeed only have a couple of mm left. Now I can't tell from the video whether the discs were indeed getting 'thin' (they did have a bit of a lip though) but I have no reason to doubt it. Rear discs rather corroded (I knew that) but they wouldn't recommend changing them until it's time to replace the pads which have a fair bit of life in them yet. Otherwise a clean bill of health.

    Quite a contrast to my parents experience at a nearby Hyundai dealer (who I believe have now lost the franchise). They had a safety inspection on their i10 with all green tick boxes and two weeks later had the brake pads disintegrate with some accompanying crunching noises. The guy the AA sent out said there was barely anything left on the pads and they couldn't believe that it had got through an inspection so recently without them being flagged up. It's also a nice antidote to my experience at some dealers where I was never really sure if work really needed doing.

    Prices were as per the standard honda fixed price repairs. Once again nothing to complain about, even if it was a rather more expensive visit than I'd been expecting.
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    I think the video is a great idea, it gives confidence that the checks have indeed been done, rather than boxes simply ticked.
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    Another visit to Gilder Honda for an AB Service + Airbag recall work in the last couple of weeks.

    I've got into the habit of asking for Green Oil or Castrol Edge Professional H 0w20 when booking a service. This time they replied - "you can have either but we usually use Green Oil for hybrids". I didn't delve further but perhaps they're going with Honda's current oil recommendations throughout the range these days?

    No video this time, but they didn't report anything new that needed doing - just the same note about corroded rear disks as last time.

    They also changed over to my winter wheels free of charge while they were doing the other work. A year's Hondacare Assistance UK brakedown cover was included free with the service(they have a service comparison whiteboard - prices and items checked against Kwik Fit and Halfords - and I noticed that this was written down as being offered for hybrid models).

    All in all - no complaints once again. I guess it would be nice to get the video as a matter of course, even if no work needed doing, but i wasn't overly concerned about not having it.
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    United Kingdom andy chesterfield
    I have used Gilder Honda Rotherham (GHR) and latterly Gilder Honda Chesterfield (GHC). Both have been IMO excellent.
    I first bought a gen3 (57 plate) CR-V ex from GHR with a towbar and 59k on the clock. Within a month the clutch started slipping. GHR replacing it with no fuss.
    Traded that in 2yrs later for a 2014 gen4 CR-V from GHC and they have been fabulously. Wanted a 2.2idtec ex in red with cream leather. These are built to order and other dealers wanted a hefty deposit to order one to view. 34k is a lot of money to spend and get the colour combo wrong. GHC order one in without a deposit.
    Had very minor problems like road stones getting where they should not, towing electrics draining battery. GHC have just requested keys, given a courtesy car and fixed the problem with no fuss. None of this book it in, pay a £60 diagnostic fee which is refundable if the manufacturer deem it a warranty matter Boll**** (like Mazda). When it's been in they have sent an email and txt with a video showing a overview check. They ring up about service reminders.
    I have owned Austin, Rover, Vauxhall, MG, Renault, Nissa and Mazda and now Honda. This is the first marque that I haven't felt disappointed with. Usually when you buy a car, the sales department don't won't to know and the service department are a waste of space. GHC are fantastic from sales, through to aftercare. Cannot rate them highly enough.
    If your in the market for a new Honda try th first. (Not sponsored by or employed by GH, just a very satisfied customer)
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    Thank you for that @crv2014ex. Honda do have some excellent dealerships. I wish they all could be like this.
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    @crv2014ex - it is so good to hear feedback like this.

    As @Nels says, they should all be as good, but unfortunately we know standards can be variable.

    Great feedback for other owners in the area, though. These dealers sound like they deserve to get extra business.
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    United Kingdom andy chesterfield
    Just been waiting to see how it's running. Been having battery problems with 2014 CR-V 2.2 diesel. Initially car would not start on the drive, but ten minutes on charge would kick up. Then failed at end of drive when stop/start kicked in. Needed AA to boost start. Took to dealers (Gilder Chesterfield) could not find a fault with car. Battery fine. Week later would not start after a shopping trip. AA boost started again and he ran short test a pronounced battery was fkd. Took back to dealer and they bench tested battery said it was OK, holding charged. Insisted there must be a problem as this was on going for months. Low mileage so thought it was me. Told to start it every day but pooh-poohed that idea as can effect DPF performance. They contacted Honda and Honda suggested fitting a new battery under warranty. New ers battery and all seems well. However I now turn stop/start off every time and CR-V seems to start better even after a week of non use.
    Gilder Chesterfield have been brilliant wanting to get to the bottom of the problem rather than fob you off. They gave me a brand new unused Jazz when the car was recovered to them as they had no courtesy cars. Now that is service. Cannot praise them enough.
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    England Peter Rotherham
    Used Peter Brooks Sheffield when we had the Accord. Very disappointed. Fitted a towbar electrics incorrectly.
    Rotherham dealership at the Mushroom Garage completely different. Much better.
    Nice to go into what is now Gilder Honda and still see old faces and made to feel welcome.

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    Thank you for the feedback @Hatter :Niceone:
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    Had the missus take the car in for a service (oil + air filter came up on SvRS)to Chesterfield a couple of weeks ago. No trouble - included a video check again which highlighted a couple of jobs that may need doing in future (rear discs have a corroded lip and pads going to need replacing at some point) . The missus was impressed with general courtesy of staff and facilities but nothing much to report. Honda Green Oil is shown on the invoce, which I'd forgotten to ask for this time.

    I asked Gilders about alloy wheel refurbishment on the phone (mine are bubbling a little, including around the valve stems, which concerns me and this is something I'd previsouly had them quote for) on the phone, which is something they used to do. I understand that for all bodywork / paint etc they now point people to Cosmetic Repair Solutions (Cosmetic Repair Solutions - Crash Repair Chesterfield | Accident Repair Chesterfield ), a Honda approved bodyshop located on the North side of Chesterfield.

    I've used CRS before for paintwork when someone scratched my bonnet a couple of years ago. I was more than happy with their work at the time (plus the provided a courtesy car for a price not much more than an independent that didn't have that facility) so can second Gilder's recommendation. I'll probably get my wheels refurbished next time my tyres are due for a change and will certainly consider CRS when it comes up.
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    Gilder Chezzy are only a couple of miles from me, decent folks.

    Always been helpful, and - despite being a little dog eared and underpinned with aftermarket gear - complimentary about the car which always helps! Being able to get small parts next day is a real boon too.

    Props for CRS also (literally 2 mins walk away!) they gave some free and honest advice on what to do with a damaged wheel a while back, seem like a good crew.
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