GK Rear Brake Disc Converssion

Discussion in '4th Generation (2015)' started by kotarou, Sunday 18th Jun, 2017.

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    I'm studying the rear brake of the Japanese Fit GK5 to make a conversion.

    I figured out the the brake pads are the same of GE model.
    But I would like to know if the disc is the same.

    It's hard to find this information, does any body know?

    This is the GK5 RS Disc

    This is GE part number for rear disc

    The calipers and supports are different and to do this convertion we need the 2 parking cables as well.
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  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    You would ideally needs samples of both discs to measure up and see the fitting to see if the upgrade is possible.

    Does the GK5 have bigger discs and calipers?
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    As far as is know the brake pads are the same size. So making a comparison the disc may be the same.

    I'm also curious if the brake efficency will change from brake shoes to disc.

    I found this site mentioning both part numbers but i'm not sure if this information is reliable.

    Below is the GK RS rear brake mount / caliper.

    The number 6 is the same part of GE (with Rear Disc Brake)
    I'm hoping that the disc is the same of GE to save weight on shipping, because I'll need to import the other parts.
    The other parts are different from GE, initially I was thinking about it and the parts are different.

    Because basically I will need:

    Both Calipers 4/5
    Supports and Rotor 25/26/27
    Bolts 35/36/37/40
    Parking Brake Cable

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    Brazil Alex São Paulo
    One thing that I was thinking now....

    I'm not sure how much advantage I'll gain with this swap, since most of the braking is on the front axle.

    I was browsing in other forums and it seems that most of the people who did something similar (on Civic and so) didn't feel any significant difference.

    It makes sense if you run the car on a Track, because Drum/Shoes Brakes tend to get hot and fail, however they are lighter than discs.

    Any experiences or thoughts?