GK5 - FFV Idle Learning Procedure doubts

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    I got this idle learn procedure for GK5 FFV - E100. I think this fits the other models as well.

    But I have some questions.

    On Step 4, I proceed with the engine hot? (Not from a Cold Start), also instead of keeping the rev on 3000rpm, can I just wait on idle for the engine to get the right temperature?

    On HDS there is no indicator of idle learning proceure. The GE had an indicator RED/GREEN on HDS. But on GK there isn't.
    (I know that probably you can't help me with this one above, but it's just a comment).
    GE procedure was easier, which basically you have to reset the PCM and wait.

    Does any body know what does the SCS Mode?

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    It better to warm the car up with load on the car i.e. driving it, idling the engine at 3000 RPM is not good for the engine. if you are in garage then you want to have plenty of ventilation too.

    Idle learning is process for the ECU and throttle body to be in sync so it can idle properly. HDS is the facilitator so don't get by the lights

    SCS Service Connector which is lopped wire on connector old fashioned way of reading and deleted MIL , you can do a virtual SCS with HDS.
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    Thank you very much.
    I did the procedure yesterday and It seems that worked, since my Idle is stable now. (I needed that because I had my Throttle Body cleaned). Remembering that my engine is E100 SOHC.
    I Used the SCS line from HDS.

    I wish GK had this on HDS, because GE had a easier way to check the idle learn.

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