Body, Paint & Styling Glovebox stuck closed

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    Can't seem to open my glove box it's not locked iv put key in locked and unlocked it but still stuck I don't want to break anything as the interior is like new being a ex bank of Scotland company car no 1 has really sat in any of the passenger seats? Any help will be much appreciated thanks in advance
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    I've not come across this before, so hopefully the FR-V guys will be able to give you some advice @Bugsy :fingerscrossed:

    I've also moved this to a new thread
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    I've just taken a look at mine and the catch/latch system looks to be inside the front facia so you probably won't be able to prise the latch open, if you feel around under the glove box there is 2 bolts holding the hinge in place. you could try removing those and seeing if that helps release it.
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    Hi there
    This is a small problem with FR-V's. There is a thread "Broken Glovebox" from 2013 which has some pics, Try not to drill hole in the front facia!
    You may be able to work a small pick or screwdriver in the latch, perhaps wiggling the front at the same time.
    You can split the front from the backing and reglue it (superglue) but be very careful. there is a small metal rod that runs from the opening handle to the latch, From memory the plastic snaps and the rod drops. I used a suitably coloured shoe lace on my neighbours car which is discreetly routed out of site. Sadly the dealer had drilled a big hole in the front....
    Good luck.
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    Yes, sorry for not being able enough to add that like...still learning
    Thank you
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    No need to apologise, I'm still learning too.
    I need to create more general guides and FAQ answers to help, but it's always a matter of time.

    I'm grateful to you for finding the thread in the first place. :salute:
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    Guys this is probably not relevant but well worth the tip for jammed locks.
    Don't use WD40 but use Graphite sticks or a lead pencil.
    Where I work in a hospital we have locks all the time that get stuck and graphite sorts this out 99% of the time.
    - - - Updated - - -
    Forgot to say coat the key in graphite or grate a small amount to a powder on paper and blow it into the lock
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    Thanks for the advise I will try the above when I'm off work doing 7days a week at the moment