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    Hi Everybody.

    Just wanted to say hello. I am a proud owner of 2006 Accord Tourer Executive 2.0 Petrol. Bought it second hand. Very happy with the car so far, drives like a dream, well built. Had some issues with the brakes but they are sorted now. That leaves just the problem of uneven tyre wear at the rear - adjustment bolt seized.
    I moved on from Corolla T-Sport (family got bigger). Honda is much slower but at the same time much more comfortable. It is an Ex Demo so every option is ticked.
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    Hey :Hey:Welcome to the club mate lets have a look at your Accord.
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    Hello and welcome to AOC.
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    Thank you. I do not currently have any pictures but will make some over some sunny weekend. Really loving the car. She has done 70000 miles but looks like new. Shame it isn't the 2.4 (that would make transition from T-sport much easier) but the running cost were just too much, especially road tax and insurance. In terms of fuel consumption they probably would have been close given the fully loaded Tourer is a heavy beast.
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    Welcome to AOC Ivanc:Hey:
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    Welcome to AOC mate.
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    Hey bud Welcome to AOC
    Rear wear prob an easy fix chances are simple control arm or the like had that with my saloon easy swap

    Congrats on the new motor