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    Hi everyone, have signed up to this forum as Im looking to purchase an 2006+ Accord diesel in the next month or so! currently drive a derv mondeo which has served me well but at 190k miles is starting to show its age!
    have been looking for a modern feeling diesel for around £4-£4.5k with some nice toys that the mondie doesnt have, the accord seems like a good chioce.
    Looking forward to finding out the pros and cons of these cars! any advice is more than welcomed!

    many thanks for taking the time to read my post!
  2. Hi Adam and welcome

    If you have a look in the 7th Generation Accord section there are some pinned threads which will be of interest.
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    Hi Adam, welcome to AOC.
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    Hello and welcome to AOC
    Hope you find a good one.
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    Just been looking at some of the posts on here referring to the timing chains and Injectors effectively scrapping the car if they give up... Alarming reading to a perspective buyer, do we know if these issues effect the facelift models also?