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    Matt Peterborough
    So this story has come about because as part of the EU Commissions job to improve road safety they have had to look into and promote research into EVERY option which may reduce road accidents. Of which this is one, no matter how remote the possibility of it every being put into action.

    Must have been another slow news day and the journalist had nothing better to do than try to sensationalise a story and get peoples backs up by playing up to the 'anti EU interfering' sentiment of the public.

    I notice the journalist hasn't even bothered to put their name to this article. Obviously their ashamed of their poor journalistic skills.
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    ^^There's nothing like a good EU scare story on a slow news day if you work at the Daily Express (and there are no weather or Princess Diana stories!) or at the Daily Mail.
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    They couldn't implement if they wanted to anyway.
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    Robert Lancashire
    It was also reported in the Sunday Telegraph.
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    ^^Standards must be slipping...:Aghast:
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    if EU really wants to play the role annoying little brat how about resolving the fact DPF filters from diesel cars should not be tampered and measures to make it illegal. get VOSA a EU directive to mend its open ended emission test for diesel vehicles.

    The cost of fuel is so high people are not speeding 95% of everyone on the motorway are stuck at 70!!
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    CJ you mean 60-65 surely. The mileage I'm doing at the mo, it's happening all over the country.
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    True some are so slow even lorries are overtaking them...Going down to Silverstone yesterday at the crack of dawn only people tearing up the tarmac where bikers.:Whistle:
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    It seems a bit pointless to fight, as ze germans will just dump it in every car anyway (like those headlights you can't turn off)
    Although if it uses the sign reading technology in the new Focus, it could be rather silly. That reads phone numbers from the back of buses as speed limits.