Telegraph Google wants an Android in every Audi and Honda

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    The search giant has created a new organisation, with the backing of several of the world's largest car makers, to promote the Android operating system as a common standard for in-car computers mf.

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    uum this is interesting Honda don't sell that well in Europe and Honda also has similar deal singed up with Apple.

    So you reckon Honda going to give all its customers a choice "would you like Android or Apple car system interface as an option?" :Rolf:

    making good cars and selling them will be a better option :Thumbup:
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    I'd heard that they wanted to put android in Audi's. Personally I thought it was a perfect match.:Wink:

    Can't see Honda tying up with both though, Apple got on there first and I'm sure they had some sort of exclusivity agreement.
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    Funny, I thought looking good on the outside while using inferior components inside was the model used by German manufacturers and Apple. :lol:
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    I haven't seen a good looking German car yet!!!

    Imagine a car controlled by android, it would be probably hacking into your bank account while you drive. The brakes probably wouldn't work because of yet another bug in the system, etc etc.
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    My iPhone seems to be broke. I pressed the 'home' button but I'm still at school...
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    send for an android to get you home :Happy:try 118 or ebay :Smile:
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