Autocar Gran Turismo 6 is as real as it gets

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    Gran-Turismo-6. The latest version of the Gran Turismo racing simulator offers an immersive experience with plenty of driver choice Gran Turismo 6 is a true giant of video games.
    It's a car enthusiast's dream, a simulation setting new technical benchmarks with every iteration. This latest version is no different, more cars, more tracks and some of Autocar’s favourite events like Goodwood FoS are featured, too.
    This latest instalment feels instantly familiar, the same career structure working through different race classes, cups and racing licences. You start off in a bright orange Honda Fit RS (Jazz). It drives just as you’d expect, it feels slow in this virtual world, with plenty of oversteer and a highly limited top speed.
    The racing in GT6 is way ahead of its previous iterations. Your computer-controlled opponents will actually try and race, whereas previously your virtual competitors would robotically stick to the racing line; now you have opponents nipping at your heels and bumping you around the track. There is a indominatable sense of urgency to the racing, too.
    What we're looking for most here, however, is total access to the world's fastest cars, with no noise pollution restrictions, no vehicle restrictions and no speed limits. Luckily, Gran Turismo 6 lets you take your pick of over 100 track layouts and 1200 cars.
    If you fancy racing your chosen steed around Spa Francochamps, your concentration levels had better be razor sharp. The handling and gear changes totally immerse you in the ultra-realistic digital rendition of the circuit. Tackle the ‘Ring in an Autocar favourite, the Toyota GT86, and you're in for a sublime handling masterclass.
    Choose to thrash around Nürburgring in a Shelby Mustang, however, and the experience becomes a hair-raising smoke-fest. The difference between classes of car on each track means you seriously have to think about what vehicle you choose for each outing.
    At the end of it all, this latest Gran Turismo is still a petrol-head's dream. All the cars you could dream of (and a moon buggy), incredibly realistic driving simulation and an online community always ready to race all adds to the game's appeal.
    The GT series also majors on the delight of racing and the art of carefully building up your dream garage through hard graft and long hours. We can forgive GT6 its small foibles, such as the lack of realistic car damage as well as the glaring omission of the McLaren P1, Porsche 918 and LaFerrari. This is still the ultimate real driving simulator.
    Amar Hussain