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    I started to go off topic on another thread asking about @MikeM-271048 up and coming trip, so thought I'd start a new post here... Nothing to do with the ex Top Gear set, but still about interesting car trips...


    Some great places on your itinerary. And travelling through arguably the best wine producing region of Spain. Salamanca is stunning. Make sure and climb the Ieronimos tower and take the Cathedral rooftop walkways. Philippa of Lancaster is entombed at Batalha with her husband King João. Their marriage in 1387 sealed the Anglo/Portuguese Alliance, the oldest diplomatic alliance still in effect. Evora and Porto are on my list to visit, along with Santiago de Compostela.
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    Got a grand tour idea in my head when I retire in 5 years at the grand old age of 55! can't wait

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    Great idea @Lisbon
    I'm Subscribing to this thread as this could get very interesting!
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    Well, as you could compute from the numbers in my original post, I have left it way later than @chunkymonkey is planning to do. In my defence, I couldn't retire until I was 60, and I can't bring myself to be away from Italy in the summer, when it costs so much to run the pool. Anyway, after the sprint across France, the plan is to have one day with a short drive to, and one day with no driving at, each destination. Apart from wine and honda ownership (lol), my other expensive hobby is photography, which is why I want to have early mornings and evening in these locations. The light is a better colour, and there are fewer tourists on show.
    @Lisbon were you talking about Rioja or about the Riberas del Duero? If the latter, which growers do you recommend? My only experience (a long time ago, and in the UK, IIRC) was rather negative. Too much residual sugar, and a nose redolent of boot polish. Also any more rooftop locations, anyone? Architecture looks so different from up there ...
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    image. image.
    @MikeM-271048 Photos of the tower and the view from the cathedral roof. Riberas del Duero, the quality of these wines is more consistent now than it has been in years gone by. I like Pesquera who produce 3 or 4 styles.

    Back to the Grand Touring: We stopped off in Salamca to break up the 850km drive from Lisbon to Santander. An amazing historic city surrounded by the somewhat desolate open plains of northwestern Spain. Very good local cuisine, very much of the meat and cured pork variety, with a huge plaza mayor being the focal point for locals and visitors late into the night.

    Was driving a Jaguar XJ 2.7 V6 twin turbo at the time and pushed it a little too hard through the mountains after leaving Salamaca causing one of the turbos to blow. Didn't make the ferry, hey ho, but have been back to Salamca several times.