Introductions Greeting from a old collector of old Hondas

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    Having owned a Honda Accord since 1983, I thought it appropriate to join. I still have that same 1980 car, which has been joined by other fine Accords. In addition to my original 1980 Hatchback, I also have an 87 Saloon, and 88 saloon (the daily driver), an 88 Aerodeck and a 91 Legend Coupe. I was first introduced to Accords in the Middle East in 1980 when we used them as fleet cars. I then traded in my own British Leyland banger for my first Honda and never looked back!
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    Greetings from another 1980 saloon owner.

    Common as muck these things lol
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    Welcome along! That Legend Coupe sounds tasty! Not many around, I'm sure.