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    I have become the optimistic owner of a 1999 Accord 2litre auto ES. 72k miles with full pack, lots of reciepts, history & MOT certs. I nearly bought an 02 plated one but was lured by the qualty and auto bit. The 02 model had 2 owners, service history & 103k miles, also was a 5 door. The one I bought is 4 door saloon, last owner has had it for 10 years an now drives an Audi.
    On the down side the radio has stopped working on the Bose headset but all else ok with the ICE. The other issue being climate control not cold, but I am going to get the gas checked ASAP if current weather prevails.
    Hopefully I will be discussing the quality & pleasures of owning an an Accord in the future and not the repairs :Smile:
    My last set of wheels was a 323 Mazda which although I adored, kept concussing me whwn getting in and out at pavement level. Prior to that it was a Saab which served me well, also set the benchmark for the Accord to beat.
    Any info on the radio of known issues welcome. Kev
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    Hey bud welcome to AOC

    former SAAB fan? I like the older ones pre GM to be honest don't mind the newer 9-3 either. The former owner of your accord traded down, I don't get that.. :Foolish:

    Anyways welcome and get a photo or two of your new motor up so we can all see it..
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    Welcome to AOC former saab fan :Hey:
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    Hello and welcome to AOC