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    I have a 55 plate accord cdti. Now problem is when start up, engine management light on goes into what I call limp mode... Once warm its ok, then even later, if done a few little runs around city. Light goes off and runs like a dream.. Now had a guy look at it says its glow relay plug or something? Got part from honda 180 quid lighter, still the problem. Just wondering if anybody can point me in right direction. Much help needed as I love my car
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    Hi Sammy and welcome.

    First stop is to get the fault codes read, to see what the problem is. Trouble is these modern diesels are complex, plenty to go wrong.

    Hope you get it sorted.
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    Hey Sammy
    Welcome to AOC
    Get to codes checked and get any parts you need from HH Holdcroft Honda they offer club discount. If you can get the car to them even better they know their stuff and are a good bunch :Smile:
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    Hi Sammy, welcome to AOC. Sorry to hear of your troubles, you've had some good advise above. We can advise you further after seeing what the codes are.
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    Thanks guys going in tomorrow to get hooked up... here we go...
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    Don't lose any sleep bud it may not be too bad. Chin up :Smile:
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