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    I would like to say hello to you guys having just bought an aged (1997) Accord Aerodec because my wife will not let me put the dogs in her new SEAT Leon FR and they won't fit in my MX5.
    Having said aged, I was lucky enough to pick up a one owner local car that has only done 35 tho' and has been serviced to death by it previous owner who seems (from the documentation) to have taken it into the local Honda dealer every 6 months for an oil check, wash and tyre check.

    Well so far after having it just the one dayv, I like it, the dogs love it, and the wife thinks it's an ugly tank. However as she will never drive it I have tacktfully suggested she keeps her opinion to her self. The doctor says I should be fit enough to walk again in a few days and the scars will be slight if viewed from a distance.
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    Hello and welcome to AOC, I bet the Seat doesn't last 10 years let alone 15.
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    Ah, it's a Motability vehicle and it's due for a change next year. It might not have the finess of the Honda but with 175bhp it goes like a rocket, don't knock it 'till you've tried it as they say. However my first impressions of the Aerodeck are very good. Quiet, smooth and a very flexible 4 speed auto, and to be honest, at 69 as my 'tear :thumbdown:' days are coming to an end I do find the Accord very relaxing to drive.
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    Welcome to AOC Twodogs. If you can posts some pics up of your Aerodec :Smile: