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    Hi all!

    I got my first Honda back in July - a 2009 Accord ES GT 2.2 I-DTEC in Alabaster Silver.

    It was a massive departure for us - previously I had always been an advocate of buying older high mileage cars which didn't depreciate, but after six years of constant mechanical repairs and new cars every year or so I partly gave up, and was partly browbeaten into a 'new' car by SWMBO and parents :Smile:

    I can't say I mind. Changing from a 2000 Volvo V70 TDi with 205,000 miles on the clock into a 2009 40,000 mile Accord is a serious upgrade.

    I will post some pictures up in a day or two - we went away with the caravan last week and the car is filthy, so I am too ashamed to show any pictures of it until I have washed it.

    First impressions after a month of ownership and about 2,000 miles are very very good, although having an instant MPG readout has made me a tad :tut: about my fuel consumption. I have set myself a personal challenge to get my average to 60mpg.

    Before the caravan trip I had the average MPG up over 50, and it was climbing steadily. Unfortunately getting the towbar fitted meant disconnecting the battery and so all the data was lost, and the new figures are now skewed by hauling a 1.1 tonne plastic shed halfway across the country and back. For info (not sure if anyone is interested), on the trip from Dorset to Norfolk on mainly motorways and dual carriageways, I got 30.8mpg towing the caravan.

    I will fill up at the weekend (ie. after pay day) and reset the trips. I also think I need to keep manual records too, as the on board computer might give artificially low MPG readings than.

    Thanks for reading

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    Welcome James :Hey: the record of 919 Miles out of full tank still stands so hopefully you can break that record!
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    Welcome James
    If you manage 60 MPG then that would be superb for 2.2 engine.
    My best in old Accord was 57 MPG.
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    919 miles on a tank! Ooof. That seems impossible to beat, but I will take the challenge and give it a good go :Grin:

    Do you know how much fuel was left in the tank when it was refilled? Even if it was completely empty and the full 65 litres was used, that still equates to 64mpg! With a few litres left, it would mean nearer 66-67mpg!
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    Here you go mate have a look at this thread

    maybe TDK can offer his tips in achieving this..
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    Cracking car bud and now in a wonderful part of the worl
    Down your way every year so will have my eyes peeled :Smile: