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    Hi all,
    Lived around here now for quite some years - although originally from Kent. *Apart from the 02 2.0 Honda Accord Executive also have a 05 Nissan 350Z convertible for when the sun shines.

    Very interested in computers (been building them for years and currently have an AMD Phenom II x6 1100T, 16Gb RAM, Windows 7 Ultimate & a Nvidia GTS450 graphics card).

    Previous car to 350Z was a Mitsubish FTO which I we had had for about 9 years. *Brilliant car - apart from cam belts (not an issue on a 350Z !) and a new exhaust has caused me very little grief. *However, she was 16 years old and was getting to the stage where it was going to cost money - all good things must come to an end.

    Have been crunching on [email protected] since 1999 and run own website**
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    United Kingdom Primary c Northampton
    Hi there bud

    Welcome to AOC :Thumbup:
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    Hello and welcome to AOC.