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    Hello folks.
    I am thinking about buying an Accord 2.2 I cdti exec tomorrow. I really like the car its a 56 with less than 50k on the clock. No bad price but something makes me scratch my chin.
    Passenger side wiper has been used to death and has worn through and plastic has rubbed on the screen causing some marks on the windscreen
    Also it has 4 different tyres. 3 brand new, 2 of which are cheap and nasty and the other is quite worn in, which may explain the slightly choppy ride. I hope.:Messed:
    These 2 things make me wonder if it's such a good buy....hmm
    Anyway rest of car is lovely and if anyone can talk me into going for it I will listen.
    It is at a very good 2nd hand car place that have a pretty good reputation.
    Also the sat nav does look like a complete wast of time.
    What are the chances she will fall apart in a month?
    I have never driven an accord before but always fancied one, years ago I used to get a lift to work in one and it was glorious.

    Thanks for reading. Please help me become one of you.:Smile:
  2. Hi and welcome to AOC.

    There are one or two things it's worth being aware of which are documented on the site

    (dead link removed by staff)

    What's the history many owners, how many services, when and who by...all things to consider as there are always other fish in sea...catching the tame dolphins is the trick though eh.
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    Thanks for that.
    I am working my way through this site and the common faults, as far as I can tell all else is fine. It appears to have had one owner not far away and serviced by Honda dealer at intervals of about 10-11k miles. Which seems reasonable.
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    England CJ Leeds
  5. Yup that sounds as good as it gets really.
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    Hi Tom. See if you can check the service history especially the oil type used. Look for 0W30 and nothing else. There are lots of cars out there at the moment and all garages are finding it hard to sell cars. Even if you don't find one as cheap a more expensive one can be haggled on elsewhere. Take the car for a drive and see what feel you get. Any doubts walk away.
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    here she is, chums:
    Right, shopping for a seat for the bairn now and maybe an update on the sat nav disk. Where is the best place for the latter ebay or a honda dealer?
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    Welcome Tom hope you will enjoy the Honda experience as for the Sat Nav disc it's something I can't answer as the Type-S doesn't have it???? No gadgets just power!!!!!
  9. Congrats on the car Tom.

    Looks great.

    This thread on Satnav discs contains some useful info... (dead link removed by staff) ...basically it depends how up to date you want to be and how much you want to pay.
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    finally picking her up in the morning.
    feels like Christmas Eve tonight.yippeee!
  11. Good luck tomorrow.
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    Congrats buddy, welcome to the club!