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    Hello all you fellow Honda owners. I recently bought (on a whim) a 1995 Honda Legend Coupe which needs a little TLC ( it seemed like a good idea at the time, although my long suffering wife might not agree) unfortunately the car came with no history and not even a handbook so I'm more than a little lost. Can anyone suggest where I might look to find a handbook or Manual. Also, I should mention that I have little or no money to spend (yes I've heard all the Scottish jokes, and very funny they were too)

    Best regards
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    Welcome to AOC McLegend. Posts some pictures up of your car :Thumbup:
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    Welcome along bud, sure we can help you with your Legend, but no guarantee in finding you cheap parts for a rare car I am afraid.
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    Welcome to AOC
  5. Hello and welcome, a great car I've always admired, you might well find the manual tucked away on Honda UKs website somewhere as manufacturers are required to publish older versions and i've seen them on there somewhere in the past