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    I had some Amazon vouchers for xmas and I was going to buy a grom audio kit for my Accord... but I'm a little confused as to which one.

    There's this one... which was the one I thought of getting..,

    But then I thought I might want bluetooth as well, as mine a PFL model without HFT.. so found this one...

    Now am I right in thinking that the second one is a stand alone unit and not an add on... Because it's £7 cheaper and appears to do the same thing over blutooth as the first one does... but lacks any USB ports by the look of it.

    If I'm honest, I value the music streaming side of over the phone side... not quite sure how you can control and dial calls from the steering controls and it looks like the adapter cable for a honda is extra.

    I certainly can't afford both, and I can't go for an x-car link because i have an android phone and they don't do them... which is a massive lost opportunity in my book.
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    Did you decide which one to go for @Heckler?
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    @SpeedyGee I've pretty much decided to go for the USB3 one (without bluetooth) and the dash cam. I'll also throw in a flat USB lead that I'll feed up behind the dash and out by the clock which is where I've placed a dash disc to mount the phone. I think I'll also need a fused lead of some kind for the dashcam so it can be wired in permanently but only when the ignition is on.

    I'm going to leave the bluetooth add-on until a later date and see how I get on... the 'OK Google' feature seems to work although a little hit and miss when asking it to send a txt