Body, Paint & Styling GT/Type-S body styling

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    I realise that this might have been asked dozens of times by new members with 8th Generation cars...


    As per my intro post, I have bought an 8th Generation tourer EX. It was a toss up between the EX and the EX GT (I couldn't find a Type-S in budget), but in the end I went for the leather over the body kit as I'd (maybe incorrectly) assumed that it wouldn't be too difficult to find and fit the GT/Type-S front splitter and side skirts.

    If any members could shed some light or point me in the direction of said parts I'd be very grateful.

    To save time, I know that its possible to get the parts through the local Honda dealer, but I'm guessing they'd be fairly expensive and maybe even reluctant?

    Do Holdcroft have any of these bits left do we know? I've have purchased the boot tray from them via ebay, and next will be Sigma alloys, but no body parts listed.

    Also, I've found a splitter on eBay, through a Polish lister, has anyone had experience with these parts?

    Many thanks
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    When I had my 8th Generation Accord, like yours it was a saloon/EX model (with ADAS).

    I put the sports kit on it with side skirts, all from Holdcroft Honda, who did me a fantastic deal. Give them a call and see what they can do for you.
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    Will give Holdcroft a call, they seem to be the people in the know. I've had a couple bits from them already (boot boxes for wetsuits) and they were good to deal with.

    When you say a fantastic deal, care to spill the beans with a ball park figure for the works you had done... :Smile:
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    With all due respect, I don't share such details in public (or private) :Thumbup: