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    I am gutted, :Aghast:

    Since I got hold of my 7th Generation the wife has used it several times and really liked it:Happy:

    As she is due to bin her VW Passat TDi Estate this year she was quite keen to have a play in a 8th Generation Tourer as she will only drive estate cars and is as cheesed off with unreliable German rubbish as I became.
    Now at this point I became quite excited as I am a BIG FAN of the 8th Generation :Happy::Smile:

    Any way we had look at a few second hand late cars and she has driven a few now, BUT (hate that word!) she also decided she wanted to sample other cars more specifically the Legacy....

    Now last weekend she had a loan 8th Generation from local dealer for a few hours and then borrowed a Legacy for couple of days, upshot was she fell for the Legacy :Aghast: (this was not part of my plan) having been given a ... well to be honest very good deal by our local Subaru dealer she has ordered one in gray with the toys she wanted... Now I am all in favor of freedom of choice but why not a 8th Generation.

    At this point I am a very sad man, I do like the Legacy and the package is superb from the dealer, unlike that being offered by our local Honda dealer who you would think didn't really want to sell her a car.. Why do some sales people, when a man and a woman together go looking at cars just ignore the woman? I don't get that, in our case she was the person buying the car not me..

    Anyway I tried to talk her into a trip to Stoke to the very nice people at HH but to no avail as she said she would not cross the road to go back to Avondale in Northampton for the car to be serviced as she felt they were rude and ever so slightly chauvinistic. :Thumbup:Nice one Avondale.. I feel utterly depressed by the whole thing however wife is happy and it could be worse she could have bought German and been driving about in an overpriced unreliable recycled bake bean can..

    So Legacy on order, I am very unhappy as I wanted a nice new Gray tourer parked next to mine,:Sobbing::Sobbing::Sobbing::Sobbing::Sobbing:

    Life can be so cruel !!
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    I have the Grey 8th Generation Euro and knowing how you felt when you had the loan car, only to have your dream dashed, I truly feel for you. I was blessed with having a spouse with an identical taste to mine, researching the competitors and even delighted with the same colour. Nora even prefers being DRIVEN. Did I win lotto or what?

    HOWEVER, ALL that would have been thrown out had she not been treated courteously by the young salesman at Honda North, Perth (oz). He even let HER etch that little bit extra on the deal!

    This is not rocket science. 20 years ago I read of dealers SPECIALISING in making our fairer but just as savvy partners more comfortable with the "joy of buying" -CJ - experience. Only last week my colleague, considering vehicles in the Hyundai/Civic bracket bemoaned her being ignored or treated badly on the forecourt.

    I can't think of a worse situation than having a beautiful vehicle on your driveway reminding your partner each day how poorly she was treated. Good on you for going with the Suburu. Your choice will bring you both pleasure, loose a sloppy distributor a sale and demonstrate the good reputation dealers like Holcroft have earned.
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    United Kingdom Primary c Northampton
    Thanks for the kind words.. The good lady was almost sold on the Honda, we had a great drive out in it and she was more than impressed with the performance and spec of the car. The sales guy kind of blew it, offering her £2500 for her part ex well offering me £2500 for HER part ex and not speaking directly with her even though I said this is for my wife.

    I think because I am funding the buy as a 40th birthday special he thought he should direct his exceptional sales talent towards me.

    The Subaru is to be fair an exceptional car, I have to say though I far prefer the looks and feel of the Honda. The all wheel drive system will be handy for the winter stays we enjoy in Somerset as we have been snowed in a few time in our former German oil burners.

    I am going to miss the Honda that was not to be..
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    Ah well, decision made, the Legacy is a nice car for sure.

    It has a reputation for being thirsty but what the heck.
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    At least its still japanese!!

    The boxer diesel is quite a nice car actually and like the accord does seem better and more rare compared to the german rivals.

    This has got me thinking, why did honda never do a 4 wheel drive saloon?
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    Matt Peterborough
    Honda did make a 4 wheel drive Accord. Only came in auto though and not for the UK market. :Sobbing:
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    We need to petition Honda to make one for the 9th Generation!
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    Audi did it with the Quattro...good for rallying but unnecessary on normal roads IMHO.
  9. Doc Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Matt Peterborough
    4 wheel drive is great in the snow and on wet roads. It provides so much more drip and stability. But you need split diffs to get round corners unless you plan on power sliding it round every corner. Drive an Evo in bad weather and you'll soon see the benefit of it.
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    Sometimes, we don't get exactly what we want. But so long as she drives safe and sound, then I guess all's well that ends well. Hopefully, she'll enjoy her new car and it will be money well spent.