Electrical & Lights H1 Front Lights Bulbs Change Issue?

Discussion in '7th Generation (2003-2008) [Acura TSX]' started by LJG, Friday 9th Mar, 2012.

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    Here is one probably not too complicated but I am puzzled.

    Changed today the H1 dipped and main beam bulbs. Just followed the instructions in the Owners' Manual, because opening the covers varies from car to car.

    Well, a bit of a pain really, but managed.

    Checked the lights after the change, without the engine running.

    Now, what a surprise... Tried to start the engine, it coughs and makes a funny noise. Turning the key to mid point lights up the warning light test as usual, but when going to turn to start the engine, it makes a really "electrics not right" noise and the engine will cough but won't start.

    I haven't seen this before... Any ideas anyone?
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    Problem solved... Nothing to do with the bulbs, but simply it took longer to change them [all 4 H1 bulbs].

    The battery was a bit low. Recharged, all fine. Didn't suspect the battery initially as changing bulbs never caused this before, in 25 years of motoring.

    LJG :Smile:
  3. Glad it's sorted...I put my battery on charge every couple of weeks over the winter months...Co. Durham's not for cissies :cool:
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    I suspect it may have been a sudden drop in temperature. You're right Sayama :Grin:, County Durham weather is not to be fiddled with. :eek:
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    I have been suggesting to everyone for a long time , every car owners should have a trickle charger at home.

    Good result for you bud.
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    Lots of people from Durham on here, im also from round these parts.
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    As soon as I move and finally get a garage it's something I'll be doing.