Aftermarket Kit H1 LED conversion?

Discussion in '8th Generation (2008-2015) [Acura TSX]' started by m3z0, Tuesday 15th Sep, 2015.

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    Has anyone done LED conversion for H1 halogen with projector lens?
    I'm planning to do it for my Accord but I wonder some issues
    • LED bulb install - maybe better remove pumper and the headlight unit for fitting
    • dust caps must modify some how or replace with something different solution - led bulb heat sink or fan needs room
    • glare issues on the road
    • Also I'm thinking what kind of conversion kit is good for the project and have light enough for the road
    some examples:

    Anyone who done this please share your experiences.
  2. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    I can't recall anyone having actually done this on HondaKarma.

    Issues to consider aside from getting them installed would be their brightness, colour temperature and glare to other users.

    Would be really interesting to hear from anyone who has actually done this.
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    Ditto ^^^
  5. Zebster Guest

    Apart from the energy efficiency, what would be the advantage of LEDs over halogens?
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    If the car has projector lenses ( projectors provide correctly targeted beam with little if any light scatter), HID lights could be fitted, but on 8th Generation Accord it is pointless because the standard dipped headlights are fine.
    I came from X Type Jag and the dipped beam were very poor indeed.
    I didn't bother in that car either because of possible MOT problems regarding auto headlight levelling etc, I just flattened beam as per driving abroad and adjusted beam for right hand drive.
    Some did fit HIDs on the jags and seemed to get away with it. MOT wise.
    Have a look on in the X type section, there is plenty about HID in there.
    As for LEDs, ok for side lights etc, but headlights a bit over the top in my opinion.
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    Brightness would be my biggest concern.
    I converted to HID, big improvement!
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    Yup,the develop road of car light is Halogen,HID,LED.Now my car use LED headlights from Novsight.LED has longer life and beautiful light.
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    I’ve installed LEDs for my H1 dipped lights. Agree with @i-DSI that HIDs would be brighter. However, driving in London I have not had any issues. I changed all my bulbs to LED and have been very happy. All sourced from HorizonLEDs. No modifications were needed to install the H1. Infact that is why I chose LED over HID.

    Details on my build page.