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    Has anyone upgraded their stock halogen lights with LED bulbs. I am talking about just the H7 low/high beam bulbs. If so, which ones did you use and have you had any issues with flickering? I can code out some stuff if someone sends me the codes for the low/high beams.
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    I'm also interested in this, do they have some kind of PWM chip that creates the flickering, that would make them nasty?

    Can you get them at around 4000k temp?
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    I have the Nightbreakers in the Suzuki and the Phillips Extreme vision in the Civic. To the eye the performance is equal but
    the Phillips ones are a little whiter.
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    Those are Halogen though not LED?
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    Correct. :Smile: Have yet to find an LED with the same performance. The is some very bright LED's on the market but I find the range is poor.
    I think its to do with the design of the reflector in the lights, never was designed for this style of bulb. Last ones I tried was about 18 months
    ago so they may have improved now but I am happy with the performance of modern Halogens for normal driving. :Smile:
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    I'm happy with the more expensive halogens but from many reports they often aren't very robust, especially if you drive over corrugated roads, expensive if they need replacing every 6 months, something you can avoid by paying a bit extra and getting halogen.
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    My Nightbreakers have been in the Suzuki for 2 years without problems. That includes 2 years worth of 4x4 competitions so I don't think
    rough roads would be a problem. :Smile:
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    The develop road of car light is Halogen,HID,LED.Now my car use LED headlights from Novsight.LED has longer life and beautiful light.