Facelift Model Hand-over on Tuesday can't wait - BUT.......??

Discussion in '8th Generation (2008-2015) [Acura TSX]' started by HOTMRD, Friday 8th Jun, 2012.

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    Hey everybody

    As titles says I am waiting eagerly for my 2009 Honda Accord VTEC 2.0 ex on Tuesday which I just left a deposit for today, after originally intending to go for a CR-V and changing my mind at the last minute.

    As that the car is from Approved from main agents over here in York so expect it all to be well.

    However just in-case i was wondering is their anything that i might of overlooked / or should know about this model before handover of the vehicle.

    You help & advise is much appreciated

    Thank in advance
  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Welcome to AOC hotmrd ,congrats on your new purchase. I would love to see your car when you get it. Please do ask questions if you get stuck.
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    Cheers, :Thumbup:

    just wanting to know if there is any know faults or issues i should be aware of ?
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    8th Generation Petrol there is NOTHING to worry about , it a simple case of fill up and drive. Change the engine old and filter every 5-6 miles you will NEVER have issues.

    If you do then we are your second line of defence. :Thumbup:
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    Crank the stereo up and have a good listen to the door speakers, they are a known problem, Honda replaced my front door speakers without fuss when I took it back to them
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    Thanks for the support,

    will upload some pictures when I pick it up hopefully after the super-guard polish it should look sweet!
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    don't crank the speakers up as thats the mistake I made. Set the volume no higher than 12 and pan the speakers front. Rear left and right. Turning the stereo up too loud will hide the distorted bass. I used plan B "she said" . The short bass line in the intro highlited the 3 faulty speakers straight away.
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    will keep that in mind, Thanks
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    Considering Accord's high quality standards, i'd doubt there would be any mechanical surprises. But like when I got my 2012 Honda Accord EX, (which is actually my first Accord but not the last) I was surprised how smooth the ride was by comparison to my previous car which was a Ford. The handling is supreme.