Suspension, Steering and Brakes Handbrake locking only one wheel

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    I have an issue with my rear drivers side handbrake. When I apply the handbrake only the rear passenger side wheel locks up. The drivers side wheel rotates freely. When I press the brakes, both rear wheels lock up ok.

    I adjusted the handbrake a couple of months ago, and when I did i noticed that the passenger side cable adjusted but the driver side one did not appear to move at all. I think at that point my rear caliper may have been seized which may have been the reason for it not adjusting, but it appears to be working ok at the moment.

    Anyone know how I can correct the problem and why it is happening?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Have a look at this

    brakes, gotta love them.

    If your brake cylinders and sliders have not been serviced regularly, they will rust and seize.
    Same for the handbrake components within the caliper.

    You will need to take them off and have a look.

    Here are some guides about brakes that give you the background info.

    Vital Brakes Maintenance Information

    Rear Disc Brake & Pad Replacement

    Rear Disk Brake & Pad Service

    Guides - Front Brake Disk and Pad Replacement

    Guides - Front Brakes: Strip, Clean, Lubricate & Paint
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    Good man Nels, I have had brake problem before but today which stopped me going to the BTCC event at croft today..I had VIP passes too :Rant:
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    I have this same problem, how did you resolve it?
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    Mine is now working, the lever going into the caliper had siezed with sitting off the road, it was easily freed, is lubricated, free and working well.
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