Suspension, Steering and Brakes Handbrake not working

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    The handbrake doesn't seem to hold very well on my accord, hasn't been a problem as just leave in park but now it's MOT time so need to sort it.
    I did try adjusting the handbrake under the armrest which did make the bite point alot better however it still doesn't fully engage the brakes.

    The rear pads and discs were changed earlier in the year, should the handbrake have been checked then by mechanic?

    Anything I can check?/Sort easily?
  2. Zebster Guest

    Yes, the handbrake and footbrake are combined on the saloon, so the mechanic should really have ensured that both were working properly.

    My Toyota has a similar braking system on the rear. It's necessary to completely wind in the pistons fully, then wind them back out again at least half a turn before fitting the pads to ensure that the handbrake mechanism initially engages properly. When I failed to do this the first time I replaced the pads, the handbrake was very poor and did not recover until I followed the correct procedure.
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    I seem to remember reading somewhere that the piston should only be turned one way, as turning it the other way can cause damage to the braking system.
    Although I can't see how 1/2 a turn would cause damage!
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  4. jimjams Guest

    not sure how the system works on the 7th Generation saloon (mine is a tourer) but on some systems there is an auto-adjuster mechanism that sometimes seizes
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    There's a couple of variants of the rear brakes on the Saloon, neither of them require the piston to be fully retracted. You only need to retract the piston just enough so the caliper slides over the new pads.

    On the KQ Model calipers, the small tab needs to be aligned correctly.

    After re-fitting the caliper you need to pump the foot brake several times.

    You can then check the operation of the handbrake.

    Best way to confirm if the handbrake mechanism is seized is to chock the wheels, get someone to pull and release the handbrake whilst you watch the mechanism on each side side. The handbrake cable should be tugging on a lever, the lever should move about a 1cm or so on both sides. If it doesn't move at all or doesn't move much then the handbrake mechanism of the caliper is seized and the caliper needs a rebuild.
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    Apologies for my misleading advice!
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    Turned out the rear calliper was seized on, drivers side.
    Garage had to cut it off and replace it all working fine now :Smile:
    And went through MOT OK

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