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    Hi all. Came across this link on Honest John, and it was such a good tale I had to join! Currently have a recent Yeti 1.8 TSI but am planning on getting back to Honda, not that the Yeti is bad. But the reliability cliff looms! Had two Hondas: pokey Type-S 2 litre, from 2002 till 2011. Excellent in most ways. Jazz iDSI (SWMBO's favourite) for much the same time. Again, largely trouble free. Sadly, not inspired by the 8th Generation Civic, nor the weedy current Jazz but 9th Generation and the forthcoming 3rd Generation Jazz or HR-V look promising. Prefer the NA 1.8 Civic for simplicity and longer term reliability, but will consider the Jazz 1) if it is here before summer, 2) has some sparkle performance wise. Don't want a rocket ship, but neither do we want a plodder tarted up as an Si. HUK are not inspired are they? Pardon the frankness, but we seem to be lacking something in the choices available.
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    Hello John, Welcome to Honda Karma :welcome:

    Look forward to seeing your cars in our car garage and hearing more about them. Also, if you put your cars, past and present, into the garage, they will show in your signature and will help identify your car easily if you need help with anything
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    Hello John, welcome to HK :welcome:

    Don't worry about being frank you've hit the nail on the head :Niceone: just been saying similar elsewhere on the forum
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    Welcome to HK John.:welcome:
    Like the avatar!
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    Hi Nels. Thanks. Lennox, daughter's Boxer, in his prime. In memoriam:Frown:
  6. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Lasting memories are what we are eventually left with.
    We do have a dog thread. Feel free to post some pictures of Lennox if you want.

    General - The Dog Thread
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    Welcome to the club John, that Jazz major service thread is a bit of forum gold. It really goes to show something when a car run into that bad a condition can be brought back to life.

    The upcoming 4th Generation Jazz should arrive in the summer itself (unfortunately even Honda forget about their 1st Generation in the 80s) :Laughing:

    Hope you find what you're looking for.
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    Welcome to the club John .
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    Hi MickyB, and thanks. Next week will sound out a local dealer re options. Not expecting anything definite re Jazz 4th Generation (as it is properly known!) but will suffice to get to know something of their potential.