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    Just thought I’d share my experience with everyone following today’s visit to Harratts Honda at Wakefield.

    I’ve only had the CR-V 3 months but wasn’t convinced the oil used by the Skoda dealer I bought it from was correct. Therefore I wanted to get it changed. I also wanted the gearbox oil changing for peace of mind. The car also turns 7 at the end of the month and I’ve smelt fumes several times in the cockpit so suspected the EGR pipe had cracked. For those who don’t know, on the Accord, Honda extended the warranty to 7 years. They’ve stood by this on the CR-V before so wanted to give myself the best chance of getting it approved (if it did need replacing).

    I dropped the car off at 9am this morning and had a brief chat with Lee the Service Manager. Lee is an award winning technician but moved to management many years ago but has an excellent knowledge of Honda (and Kia)! I had a walk to Starbucks and passed an hour on before walking back.

    A quick look round the showroom and was told the car was being washed and vacuumed.

    I was sat in the waiting area and Lee came and sat down. We chatted about all sorts and he told me the EGR pipe was cracked so he’d submit a claim on my behalf to Honda. He was confident they’d honour it but will find out next week.

    I paid and left at 12 noon with a clean car all serviced (using 0W30 oil) and more importantly peace of mind.

    All in all an excellent service. The staff (Amy I think) was really friendly on the desk and Lee is a pure petrol head and all round knowledgable gent. I would have no hesitation in visiting them for any of your service needs and rate them highly.

    Fingers crossed for the EGR pipe now!
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  2. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Thank you for sharing @Paul.
    It just proves that there are good dealers out there.
    I am confident that HUK will cover this for you.
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    Excellent to hear @Paul and very good of you to post for the benefit of other members.

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    Phone call from Wakefield Honda today to say Honda will cover it under warranty for full parts and labour. The part has been ordered and should be in this week. They’ll contact me and arrange to collect my car. Excellent service as always.
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    Glad to see another happy customer... I've used Harratts at Wakefield for all four Accords I've owned, and wouldn't go anywhere else. Lee and the other staff have always been brilliant and I trust them with my cars. Actually, you just reminded me I need to get Lee to order me something for my current Accord :Smile:
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