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    We have had Honda CR-V'S for years now, always the 2nd Generation, had the first 2nd Generation then got the last 2nd Generation 07, loved them both, last one was diesel and great on fuel!
    Then hubby decided he wanted a 3rd Generation, so he got an 08 diesel, I still had my 07 2nd Generation and never thought I would like the new shape.
    Went for a ride in it with hubby and loved it, so decide to get one myself, wanted white with beige leather so searched the internet and found one, only problem was it is petrol auto, any way I bought it and now find the MPG is awful, are there any tips on driving petrol auto's? I try to keep the revs under 2 but that seems a bit slow, oh and the technology in them is mind boggling!!! just give me on off switches :Frown:
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    Hi @k9car, welcome to the forum.

    Unfortunately the combination of petrol, auto gearbox and big car means it won't be returning fantastic MPG figures.

    Keep it serviced well, ensure you have correct tyre pressures, keep the weight in the car to a minimum, keep use of air con to a minimum.

    Whenever you ease foot off accelerator no fuel is going through, the car is coasting along. Use the easing of foot to "tell" the auto to change gear.
    Keep steady pace on motorway and dual carriageway. Keeping under 2000 RPM isn't necessarily the most economical way to drive. If you have trip computer that tells you instant MPG use that to determine when to change but generally you need to go upto 2500rpm on a petrol car.

    That's all I can think of for now.
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    I fully agree with this - I used to change at 2000 and my MPG suffered as a result as I had to rev the engine harder. I'd leave it till 3000 tbh but 2500 is a good figure to go by.
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    To ease the worry, work out your fuel cost per mile, and then compare it (roughly) to what it might have been on your previous car. I am doing mainly motorway mileage on my petrol auto, and average over last 6k miles is about 32mpg. This works out at 19p per mile, compared to my previous 1.8 petrol Picasso at 16p per mile. This means 1000 miles costs £30 more. I can live with that especially as it is a more comfortable car, but individual circumstances are different.

    What I'm trying to say is don't get hung up about MPG - translate it in to cost and then compare. All the other advice about maximising MPG still counts though.
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    Excellent advice...
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    Ditto, one of the big reasons I drive a 2.4 with a heavy foot and without any remorse for the wallet :Laughing:
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    I'm a little MPG obsessed tbh, I always research real world MPG before I go near a car, it was the main factor in selling the wife's FR-V and getting Jazz. Large petrol engines and automatic transmission are a bad combo for MPG.

    I get 40mpg from my 13 year old Civic.