Off-Topic Having more passengers than seatbelts in the back?

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    Legally where would one stand if there were 4 adults in the back of a car all equipped with 3 seatbelts, all of which are in use? The fourth adult would also sit on the remaining space but with no seatbelt.

    Furthermore if there were a fifth adult sitting on the lap of somebody wearing a seatbelt would it change the legal stance when compared to the above?

    Also before people bring up how unsafe etc this is I am purely asking the above question to find out what the police may do in the situation.

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    The car is register to have x number of seats (check the V5). If more than x number of people are in the car, no matter how they are belted/seated, it's illegal.
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    Thanks, I don't have my mates v5 to hand but his car is smaller than the accord so I'm pretty sure it'll be 5. However this contradicts online research which says it is not illegal and instead highlights the dangers instead.

    Here is an exercpt
    The following quote is directly from the

    "What if there are not enough seat belts available?

    Seat belt wearing law does not prevent you from carrying more adult passengers than there are seat belts."
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    Let me give you an example, a 7th Generation Civic Type-R (EP3) in the log book is a 4 seater car and therefore there are 4 belts installed.

    There is room (just about) to have a 5th person sit between the belted two rear passengers, this person wouldn't have a belt because there isn't one.

    Neither would they be legally seated though as the car is only designed for 4 people as the log book states.

    So just because you can seat more people doesn't make it OK to do so, especially if they are sat in other peoples laps.
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    He has 5 belts in the car so I'll assume the V5 says 5 passengers allowed. However does this mean that the above link is outdated/wrong even though its from a government site because that's his recourse in our argument?
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    The link may be indirectly referring to the law governing classic cars which don't have to have seat belts.

    My Grandad's Cortina didn't have belts in the back, so if you follow the concept through strictly using Number of Passengers = Number of seatbelts, then the Cortina could only carry two people, as only the front seats had belts.

    I think the linked clause is trying to say that it is not illegal to sit in the back of the Cortina. It was, however, only registered as a five seater, and so he was technically breaking the law if he let four kids use the back seat. Which he didn't ever do, obviously.
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    Lost my post, can't be bothered to rewrite, but I can tell you it is illegal and if you drive with not only more passengers than the car is registered to hold and have passengers on laps you might get more than just a fixed penalty notice. You are only allowed to carry the amount the car is registered with regardless if it has enough seatbelts or not,