Electrical & Lights Having some problems with the front bulbs on a 2000' CG8 Accord

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    Hi guys, I'm stumped and its a really small, silly thing thats got me.

    The front bulb on the drivers side for the low beams has gone, however when I replace it, it doesn't work. Now onto the strange thing, on the passenger's side, it doesn't work either! However, on the passenger's side theres a bulb on the right of the light which comes on when the low beams are put on but I can't see anyway to get to this bulb without removing the entire front headlight.

    The bulbs are the correct fitment and everything, but I was given this car only recently from my dad who had always assumed that little bulb on the passenger's side was the low beam however I don't think this is the case. On full beams, the full beam lights come on.

    If anyone can shed any light (forgive the pun) on this, I'd be very greatful.
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    Not sure about on the 6th Generation Accord but on some cars, you can get to the side light by taking a couple of clips off the wind liner and getting to the headlight that way.

    Sorry, I can't remember which bulbs are where on the 6th Generation.
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    Hi, there are three bulbs and I know folk all name them somewhat differently.

    From the outside of the lamp working inward i.e. from the indicator you have what I call headlight, then a small sidelight and finally fullbeam.

    The sidelight and fullbeam are housed in the same reflector whereas the headlight is out on its own.

    Is your issue with the sidelight/fullbeam bulbs?