Engine & Gearbox Haynes manual for ICTDI engine

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    If like me u have to do a lot of work on your 2004 engine then get the Haynes manual for the Honda CR-V 2002--2006 as is the same engine as the Accord 2.2 i ctdi engine. Happy days
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    Haynes manuals :Wassat: I have one for my first gen and it as good as toilet paper , got hold of the genuine Honda manual and the level of detail and perecise information is mind blowing.

    My advise forget Haynes keep your eye peeled open on ebay a lot of genuine WSM DVD for sale.
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    If you google Honda Accord Esm 2003 you will also find what you want.

    Edit: Take that back it covers the petrols only.....sorry
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    ictdi manual

    Sorry what I was saying is that the Honda CR-V 2002 -2006 uses the same ICTDI engine as the Honda Accord. So u can use the manual just for engine repairs. thanks for info m8