Electrical & Lights Headlamp failure, advice please

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    I've just attempted to replace the blown main headlamp bulb on my 2005 Accord Tourer 2L petrol model. I accessed this via the wheel arch, after a bit of fumbling I managed to get the bulb holder loose, i was expecting to find the bulb attached, instead I found a trailing wire running into the headlight itself. Can anyone advise if this is a HID (heard of em but never came across one before) , and if so how do i go about changing this?

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    Without picture or spec of your car, it's impossible to tell if yours has HID lights.
    Your car spec is not linked with your profile.
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    Well only the 2.4 EX came with HIDs, so unless it's a cheap retro fit, you don't have them

    Also, not sure why you're approaching this from the wheel arch, this is only for the sidelight bulbs. For the main dipped bulb, you simply access these from the bonnet. To get at these you'll need to remove the big round cap on the back of the headlights (grey/black) via a twist and unclip the bulb from there.

    Got to 12 seconds in here, and the cap is to the left of the adjustment motor:

    Honda Accord / Acura TSX Headlight Adjustment Motor Replacement - YouTube
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    Thanks jayok, got it now, I don't have the service manual, perhaps I should have asked first before attacking the wheel arch!
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    Hi Dave could you take a picture of this 2005 cars in the UK did not get HID you may have a aftermarket HID installed.