Body, Paint & Styling Headlamp washer Cover Plate sizes

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    Hi I would be grateful if anyone can help me I have a 2007 CR-V Executive. The headlamp washer cover part code for the vehicle chassis number is 76886-SWA-01.
    The problem is this cover plate is 30mm in width.

    The existing cover plates are 55mm in width. They are marked on the back as Honda original make but have no codes on them. I wonder if the washer pump is from another Honda model say an Accord?
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    Problem solved ..............................the dealer parts chap contacted the Honda tech people and was told the cover plates on a models fitted with the Aerodeck bumper are larger and so they are. They are 55mm wide as opposed to the 35mm of normal cover plates. The don't come colour painted so I had to spray them myself.
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    Thanks for the update.

    Please do post up some pictures.