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    My headlamps are very cloudy/dirty thinking of replacement. Is it an easy DIY job? Any guides on this forum?
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    Wet sand them if they are bad and then as said a good rubbing compound should sort them out - and some elbow grease :Smile:

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    Thanks guys for the advice. Didn't know you could do that. I will have a go this weekend - much cheaper than new headlights.
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    I can vouch for the Amazon 3M kit, used it a month ago and it worked perfectly. Got photos if you want :Smile:
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    Hi, I had a go last night and used scouring sponge initially and then some metal polish - "Duraglit" and the results is excellent. They were a horrible scruffy yellow colour before, now they are clear and bright and look 10 times better.

    I was all set to replce them. So thanks for the tip, simple really when you think about it
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    Just done mine; one thing I noticed is that where the washers hit the lens they have either washed off the protective coating or left a limescale deposit - either way, T-cut won't shift it so need to get rougher. BTW I've found that if you do get harsh on these lenses and remove the coating you'll need to re-do the polishing every 6 months or so.