Detailing Headlight Lens Refurb

Discussion in 'Detailing & Cleaning' started by maurice, Monday 17th Mar, 2014.

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    image. My '03 Accord recently had a MOT advisory for discoloured headlight lenses. Duly advised by the hondKarma site, I purchased a refurb kit from Halfords, a "Maguires" product. The kit cost a little over £20, and comes with a rubbing/polishing fluid and a wool backing pad for insertion into a drill. The whole exercise took a little over 20 minutes, and the lenses are like new. One word of advice, don't do this in direct sunlight, it makes it hard to see the last remaining marks that still needs polishing off. A really good product. I have attached a "before" and "after" photo. Thanks to the site gurus for the assistance, yet again! image.
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    Nice work, they've come up a treat:Thumbup:
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    Nicely done Maurice, they really do look like new.

    Put some sealer on the headlights now and repeat every three months (putting the sealer on) and you shouldn't have to do the refurb again :Smile:
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    Nice work @maurice, I've got to do mine again over the summer - because I haven't been doing as @SpeedyGee suggested :Whistle:
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    Wow what a difference! what Meguires product did you buy? @SpeedyGee what sealer are you using as mine are terrible and really let the car down!
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    I could do with a recommendation for a sealer, I haven't used one yet. It really is a requirement, I can already see the oxidation starting again.... Any ideas anyone?