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    Been searching around but can some one point me in the direction of the thread on headlight removal?

    Looking at the headlight there seems to be a third nut to undo thats behind the front bumper. Do I have to take the whole bumper off just to get to this nut? I've found the thread on removing the rear bumper but is there one for removing the front one?
    Appreciate any help or ideas on this one!
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    There are plastic screws that hold the bumper cover on along the top under the grill. Also one or two metal bolts where the fender meets the bumper on each side . Hope guía helps
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    Give it a try buddy if you get stuck I can upload the step by step guide only if you attempt it. :Wink:
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    I'm affraid you have to remove the front bumper as a whole, now wheather this is common or not there were two plastic screws right under the headlight holding the bumper as well, I never did work out how the Japs managed to either get these screws in with the headlights in position or get the head lights in with the bumper in position, I ended up braking the the heads off the plastic screws and then it was easy to remove the head lights, after removing the bumper of course, when I replaced the bumper I left out the four plastic screws (2 under each head light) to no ill effect. As the saying goes "once you have got through the icing the rest is a piece of cake". Just to add that the American vertion does not have these plastic screws under the head lights, why?, I have no idea, but there you go.
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    Thanks for all the pionters in the right direction! We ended up going down the pub to think about it and after a few shurberts and then crashing around the garage at one in the morning ( I think our pub passes have been withdrawn for the time being!) we gave it up as a bad idea!