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    Headlight Restoration - Using The 3M Kit - Headlight Restoration - Using The 3M Kit

    Check the full guide here.
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  2. Nighthawk Guest

    United Kingdom Richard T Milton Keynes
    Great to see you lavishing her with some TLC - headlights look good
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  3. chris2982 Premium Member Club Supporter

    United Kingdom Chris Rowlands Gill
    nice work.. great finish you got :Thumbup:

    thanks for taking the time to do the guide.
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    Just thought I'd mention something else that I noticed tonight after parking up.

    The car was facing the house, and the headlights were on... I noticed that the one I had restored gave a much cleaner cutoff level from the projector than the other non restored side. The unrestored one has a blurred edge to it, whilst the restored one has such a clean line to it, you can actually make out the prism effect and see all the colours in that very thin band across the top.

    Before being restored, it was a diffused blur... and on the drive home in the dark I thought that the illumination of the road ahead was much better.

    I expect that to improve a little more after I restore the other one, and in the new year I plan on converting the projectors to HID... it's something I've done in the past and would only do to a car with projector type lights.
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    I'd be interested to see how long it lasts. My previous efforts on our old car yellowed up pretty quickly.
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    United Kingdom Mike Poole
    Didn't know there were kits around to fix this.
    I've always restored the headlights by buffing out with Brasso.
    Works for me and also great for polishing out scratches on plastic faced watches.
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    Quality job, brilliant tips and write up. Thanks a lot.
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