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    So the festive period is upon us once again, chances are quite a few people here are going to be selling their unwanted possessions to make some extra cash on the side to fund this period.

    I've been trading since 14 yrs old and in my 5 years I have seen every trick in the scammers book from shipping to nigeria to credit card chargebacks.

    Just today I sold a games console worth £150 via courier MyHermes. I started using them due to Royal Mail's ridiculous prices. The buyer received the item today minus the actual console. As a result I figured either the buyer or courier nicked the item. Now, this certain buyer was threatening to come to my home to get his money back etc. Fortunately ebay didn't disclose my address but they did disclose my number. He called me and used every expletive in the dictionary within a minute or so after which I hung up. All this was to make me issue a refund before even contacting the courier firm.

    Now I have contacted myHermes (never using them again, 500+ items sent with them, first that has been stolen). They obviously deny the claim but I have gone through anyway. I'm certain ebay are going to force me to issue a full refund, as a result I am going to be £150 out of pocket even though it is not my fault. Also for the record I photographed the serial number.

    I'm still incensed at this and honestly this is more of a cautionery tale to those who sell infrequently on ebay/amazon/playtrade etc to be careful, at this time of year scammers will feed off you if you let your guard slip.

    If anybody here is not sure whether they are getting scammed etc then feel free to ask me, I can accept that I have been scammed, at least if I stop one other person from falling into the same trap then we can eradicate this sort of issue.

    EDIT 19/12 - The courier sorted out the issue within 2 weeks at their loss (look at later posts for more info - as a result I have kept on using MyHermes)
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    my grandaughter was almost caught with the shipping charge scam. Pay the shipping then the funds would be paid to her, I stopped her just as she was about to send £110 to buyer. she was a novice to it and I suppose there are many who do get scammed only way is make sure its recorded delivery :Blink:
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    Warning people of his scam is key, around this time year the people in the know use every loophole know to get out paying.. Chunky sorry you lost out matey hope the person who has nicked it with a temporary Cheshire grin losses all his teeth :Baseballbat::PullFaces:
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    She is very lucky that you were savvy enough to see through the scam. Recorded delivery is a must, and even then ebay require a SIGNATURE, not just confirmation of delivery.
  5. candobill Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    recorded delivery is insured automatically so you can't lose out :Smile:
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    Yes you are correct but if you have ever had the pleasure of going through their claim department you will soon realise it is not worth the hassle in some cases. Also every firm has a list of products which they carry on a no-compensation basis which are usually based on a wide range of every products such as consumer electronics. Quite a few courier firms won't give compensation on all Apple branded goods. That is basically saying that they are expecting a few to get stolen.

    Obviously I wouldn't say not to sell items online, I'm just asking people to exercise caution when doing so. At least I can just chalk this down to a business loss, my Christmas is not going to be affected, for other personal sellers however £150 can make a huge difference.
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    only time I had to claim on ebay was for a toilet suite I ordered from private seller ( pan/cistern wash hand basin ) he put it in a cardboard box and nothing to protect it with no fragile stickers. instead of a 3 piece suite I received a 300 piece suite and as you say the hassle getting compo was unreal :Angry: still its my own fault for buying crap items :Happy::Happy:
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    That is entirely the sellers issue. Furthermore you shouldn't have gone through the compensation scheme as it was his fault for not packing the item properly. Nonetheless I'm glad you got your money back.
  9. candobill Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    I had to get an assessment from a retailer who dealt in the product to state in his opinion if the goods were damaged beyond use and not in satisfactory condition that was fun :Happy:
  10. Chunkylover53 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Exactly, that must've been a right pain in the :thumbdown:. In the past I've had to contact Sony HQ to gain a good response, after that I just stopped selling the product. Most of the time I shut down around April to June as I cannot deal with compensation claims and my exams. Some of the threats I've received have just been horrible, worse I took some to heart when I was younger but the main thing is to just keep calm and avoid swearing.
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    Hi Yup this is the constant problem with eBay. Anybody claims etc the seller (if he/she is kosher) is the loser. I'ved not experienced it, but I know from experience if you contact an experienced seller that you've not receivied the purshase or part of it, there's a credit/refund etc immedietly. Well that fine & dandy, but as you commented it's a thieves paradise out there if eBay is involved and your not honest.
    As any seller with a 99% rating will not querie unless it a load of dough, and then some! ergo: Buyer (& seller) beware.
    Have a merry Xmas. BC
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    The reason big sellers give refund immediately is due to ebay's performance indicators directly affecting fees. For example a seller with 10 neg feedback a month would have to pay fees of 8% on goods sold, but if the seller got 15 neg a year then ebay would increase the fees to 9.25%. So that's thousands of items which have higher fees. Therefore sellers would obviously refund the buyer, its a no brainer. Unfortunately some buyers expect the same service from everybody which is simply not possible. In general, despite Amazon tax dodging ways, I prefer to buy from them as they A-Z guarantee scheme is more fair than amazons buyer protection.
  13. candobill Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    the most items I have ever sold on ebay is about 7 in total most times I am buying and have 100% over the last 12 years and never had any dispute against me I changed my details 10 years ago when I changed address but at present have 495 positive feedbacks plus had over 200 before :Smile:
  14. Chunkylover53 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    That is a very good record mate, with buyers giving negatives for any minor issue you should be very happy with yourself for maintaining 100% for 12 years.
  15. candobill Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    you may notice I don't sell a lot just buy too much :Happy::Happy: and if I do sell its the same feedback :Happy::Happy:
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    Haha, every little helps :Wink:
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    I bought the wheels on ebay few days ago, and paid cash on collection as seller requested, and was stunned when I got message from ebay that seller has opened a case against me for unpaid item, I spoke with ebay customer service, but if I don't have any receipt I can't prove that it's been paid, even if I have these wheels in my possession, well luckily only buyers can give negative feedback, so that's what I did :Rolf:, I hope that I'll not have any issues with the phone I've sold today on ebay :Whistle:
  18. candobill Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    if I sell something its going to be an item that I know will sell and I don't need it but somebody will need :Happy:

    - - - Updated - - -

    experience is a wonderful attribute in life :Happy::Happy:
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    That is a very weird situation. Why would the seller do that seeing as they got the cash. I have a feeling that they may have had Unpaid Item Assistant automatically on so ebay actually opened the case without their permission?

    Another reason could be that the seller wanted to cancel the transaction so they could reclaim the final value fees?
    Or the seller just wants to be a pest.

    With the phone you sold, if it is an iPhone then make sure you choose a delivery service which offers compensation if the phone is lost/stolen. For example Yodel and myHermes wouldn't compensate you if the phone was lost/stolen. Hope the sale goes well.
  20. Brodziu Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    Greg Manchester
    I think that seller want his final value fee back and instead of sending me request to cancel transaction which I can decline he just opened this case. Yes I've sold an iPhone and send it by recorded signed for delivery via royal mail and declared the value of up to £250, but hopefully everything will go well with happy positive feedback at the end :Happy: