Tools Heated seat? Or like-warm seat?

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    2016 Honda C-RV with leather seats. The heated seat works ok (but not great) in the passenger seat. However, it is noticeably cooler in the driver’s seat. We’ve had multiple people and they all say the same thing. Driver’s seat isn’t fully heating.

    We’ve taken it to the dealership several times to fix (we purchased the extended warranty). They told us that it is on head and that it works fine. The service department had a temperature gauge and it heated to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. They said it is fine and they won’t fix it.

    What is the normal temperature range that Honda heated seat should heat to?

    It’s my parent’s car and they live 50 miles from the closest dealership. It is quite costly to go back and forth and for them to not fix the issue and tell us we have a mental problem...
  2. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    They should be the same.. Shouldn't they?
    Any other CR-V owners had this problem?