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    Hi everyone,

    Just recently bought another Honda, after having previously had a Civic, and a CR-V. Not forgetting my Honda lawnmower ofcourse! Now got an 2.2 I-CTDI Accord Sport, my first diesel, which so far is great, apart from a minor niggle, which I noticed on my way home earlier (see thread if you can offer anymore help, and thanks to Jon G for the prompt reply!!)

    Unfortunately, I don't know too much about the mechanic side of things, but will need to do some basic work myself from time to time to keep costs down, so be prepared for questions!!:Smile:

    So thanks, in advance!

    All the best.....

  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Welcome Nic ,

    We have a lot of DIY guides for the I-CTDI engine and have loads of top tips to get you on a smoother motoring experience.

    Have a read of this thread
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    Hello and welcome:Hey:
  4. Welcome aboard, plenty of other DIYers on here.
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    Welcome and fire away dude we are all here to help each other out (Oh but don't forget to use the search buton first :Wink: )
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    Hello and welcome to AOC. DIY is pretty straight forward,