Engine & Gearbox hello all from hampshire

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  1. Hi Rick and welcome to AOC.

    Superb combination, good old Gerry, he is a miracle worker for sure.
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    thanks for the welcome =]

    he sure worked some magic with this engine. The read up in Banzia mag was great. still got the old issue as well.
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    did my first message disappear or is it just me?
  4. LOL the forum has been a little buggy of late.
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    haha thought so, oh well gues it will just be a introless intro lol.


    copied this from another forum i joined:

    Hello, my name is rick and i live in south hampshire. if anyone is from around here give me a shout might of met you at a few meets.

    I don't really have an accord but my engine is a h22a7 so joined up as we have something in common icon_e_smile.

    Quick pic of the engine:

    Just had it installed into a 99 Civic coupe by PerformanceTek in scotland. They did all the work in 2 days so was very happy. It came with a nice list of extras too.

    Encase anyone wants to see it here is the actual car:


    Has had a few mods but am planing on changing it round a bit.

    Thanks for reading hope to see some people around

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    what the? it did it again :Blink: