Introductions Hello all! New Accord Tourer owner here :)

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    Hi guys

    Been settling in with my 2008 (8th Generation) 2.2 ES GT Tourer over the last few weeks and generally am very pleased. Sure I would have liked a little better MPG but being a tourer, I guess I can't expect miracles.

    In some ways I wish I had shopped around a bit and perhaps gone for the next model up. I have left behind a Civic Coupé that has a lovely ICE system and, whilst not underwhelmed by the Accords standard ICE, I miss my amps and sub terribly. Has anyone on here every upgraded their ICE in an ES GT? I am not one of those hoons who drives around with my back window vibrating but enjoy the depth that the sub adds to my music. I have also been hearing about this Holdcroft DAB upgrade but am not sure what it actually is and I believe I need to contribute somewhat more before I can view this area. If someone could give me an idea of what it actually is, I would be most grateful. I have a Pure Highway at the moment but would like to look into something a little more permanent.

    Really love how comfy this car is in comparison to my Civic and makes the long journeys I now do in the car, far more tolerable. :Smile:

    Anyway, that's enough of me, hope to contribute more as I do plan to keep this car a good few years (had the Civic since 2002 :Smile: ).
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    Hey bud and welcome to the home of all things Honda :Smile:

    Nice motor but let's see some photos of her :Smile:
    Have you tried a search for audio upgrades?

    I didn't think the stock setup was that bad are all speakers working ok? You could consider fitting after market speakers, Infinity are a good option what did you have in the Civic?

    A good set of speakers will improve any stock setup but I doubt it will give quite the depth and feel you will be looking for if you are used to a decent ICE install with all the bells and whistles :Smile: if it were me I would look at speaker upgrade you might be pleasantly surprised
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    Here's some pics of the new motor. Not taken any interior ones as yet but it is pretty standard.

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    The ICE I had in my Civic was 2 x Vibe SA69s powered by a Vibe VP2 amp in the rear and 2 x Vibe SA60s in the front with a Vibe AC10 Passive Band Pass Sub powered by a Vibe VP1 amp. The headunit was a Pioneer MEH-P9600R and I had a Pure Highway for Dab. I have just sold the car (1998 1.6 Coupé with 155k on the clock, 6 months tax/MOT) with all of the gear except the Pure Highway for £750. Really gutted to see it all go but don't think I would really have got much more for it all if I had ripped it out and sold separately.

    If I do go for a sub then I would rather have something that fits into the side panel where the one for the Premium Audio goes. I don't want a massive box taking up space in the boot again as it just isn't practical.


    By the way, yes all of the speakers are working in the new car; they sound ok but may consider just upgrading them. I saw someone fitted some Pioneer ones which I might look into too. Seems there is some issue with installation of the rears though; something to do with needing spacers? It really is the sub that I would like to have back in the car but has to be discreet.
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