Introductions Hello all, newbie 7th Generation Accord Tourer owner here.

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    Hello all,

    I have just bought a Honda Accord 2.4 Auto Tourer '04' plate with only 31,000 genuine miles on the clock.

    I love the car, have been searching for the right honda accord tourer since Dec 2012 and finally bought one. But on the drive home and playing around with it last night I have noticed it has some problems. And I don't know if I can fix them myself or just to return the car.

    I do want to hold onto it because it has such low mileage, and with the birth of my first child just around the corner I plan to own this car for a long time.

    Right, to the problems!

    First) The tailgate, I knew when looking this is a common fault. On test drive it worked, but upon collecting the car and getting it home, it is only half working. The tailgate fails to open unless I give it a small lift with my finger to get it going (or sitting inside a gentle nudge then it opens fine). When it is open I can close fine with either butting or key.

    So should I disconnect the battery for 5 mins, or do people think the struts need to be replaced?

    Second problem) The rear parking sensors don't seem to work. When I put it into reverse I get a BEEP then just a muffled morse code beeping. With this being my first car with parking sensors I don't want to bump it already, but I reversed within less than a meter of my other car and nothing to alert me.

    I have no idea what to do here!

    Third and final problem) The cruise control doesn't seem to work. I tried this on the way home from the garage, and when I lifted off the accelerator the car slowed down and did not hold speed. I am going to have another try when I pop out in the car now, but it might be me not knowing how to use it correctly.

    Anyway... Hello to you all, and if anyone can offer any advice, I would be most grateful. I have heard of Holdcroft Honda mentioned in the site elsewhere, and that is where the car originally came from. And I also bought the car from a garage in Stoke, so I may contact the guy I bought it from and Holdcroft Honda to see what they both say when I can find the time.

    Thanks all,

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    The cruise control had me stumped as well!

    You need to press the "Decel" arrow to "SET" the cruise control.
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    I have just come back from my drive for lunch. And the cruise control does work. It was down to me not knowing how to use it that made me think it was broken.

    Though the other faults are slightly worrying. I don't know what to do, I have tried cleaning the sensors. But still nothing. I am thinking about disconnecting the battery tonight and seeing if a 5 min disconnect will reset the ECU when I reconnect.
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    Hi Adam and weclome to AOC

    Have a look at this thread first before spending money

    Tailgate also don't work on inclined surfaces or adverse cambers you have to be on a flat ground to do a proper test. The fact it worked when you picked up the car means it does work. Prefacelift tailgate tourer strut damper also have a habit of freezing,the current temperatures won't help matters. I would do the above steps outlined wait for the temperature to get in early teens before making a call.

    TBH Adam that is normal when out into reverse you get a beep as an acknowledgement the system is active the muffled beeps whilst reversing is indication the car is moving you will get a constant an regular buzz as soon as you come close to a obstruction. The 8th Generation has a visual display which give you the assurance which sensor has picked up the obstruction The 7th Generation is purely audible and that will become perfect with practice. get close to a wall or hedge and hear the variation in beeps.

    Adam to set the cruise you have to hit the master cruise button on that has to be lit on the dash then hit the minus button and positive button, but please read your owners manual to get a better understanding. if the cruise green light is not on the dash it won't work.

    BTW if you need free club stickers let me know.
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    Hello @Ichiban,

    Many thanks for your help. Cruise control I have now know what I am doing with it. I will follow your advice and wait to try the boot in warmer weather before I seek a fix. And as for the parking sensors, I will get someone to spot for me as I reverse up to a wall and see if it really is broken.

    It is a lovely car, and I am very happy with it. Not even hit 32,000 miles yet and it is on an 04 plate. When I get a free weekend I will be giving it some TLC to make it spotless.

    I would be glad to receive some free club stickers, especially as I have realised that the club and I share the same initials.

    Adam O'Connor
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    Drop me a personal message with your address bud. you get your custom initials sticker :Thumbup:
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    Thanks, have sent you my address.

    As regards the reverse parking sensors, I have just backed up to a distance of less than a foot away from a wall and no audible warning was given. All I got was the initial loud beep when I selected reverse and a muffled regular quiet beep.

    So I have a feeling something is wrong. Maybe a loose connection somewhere, or something like that? Maybe I should try this ECU restart by disconnecting the battery for 5 mins?
  8. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    The sticker is in the post ,these reverse sensor are they genuine Honda accessories or aftermarket one ? can yo get some pictures up there is a septate ECU for these sensors
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    Hi AOC, welcome to AOC :Smile:
  10. bluemarce305 New Member Getting Started

    Hello AdamOC84,

    Did you get a resolution to you issue?

    My OEM parking sensors either work perfectly or I get one tone when I put the car in reverse; effectively not working. Might be a loose connection but I'm not sure where to start trouble shooting.

  11. AdamOC84 Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Hello bluemarce,

    I did get the parking sensors fixed on my car, but only because I had someone smash into the back of me in September. Before the road collision I did notice that occasionally the sensors did work when it was heavily raining. Which made me think it was a loose connection somewhere that needed sorting out.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help.

  12. bluemarce305 New Member Getting Started

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    I think I'll have to reach under the rear bumper and check the connections if that's correct.

    Does anyone know where else I need to check? I saw from this Thread that there's a separate ECU for the parking sensors; is that correct?